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Silent Auction Technology

Silent Auction Technology
Silent Auction Technology

In addition to providing auctioneers, staffing, experiences and items for events we have since 2014 developed software to enable you to bring your fundraising up to date with our own tablet or phone bidding options.

As an alternative to the paper system our tech options will enable your guests to take the auction directly into their own hands. There are options for both Tablet or Smartphone bidding. Our bespoke fundraising technology can be tailored to your event providing a great experience to bidders immediate reporting options.

Bidding Via Touchscreen Tablets

Auction Lots recommend a minimum 2 tablets per tablets per table for every 10 guests. Each 7" touchscreen tablet is well presented on its own stand for clear visibility. The Auction Lots app provides a smooth bidder friendly way to interactively take part in the auction. Initially, each tablet will be set on a home page displaying the charity logo, sponsors logos and the title of the event. Our optional bidding stations hold 10" tablets using the same app. These look great alongside the display and give guests an option to bid as they browse!

We have the equipment and capability to provide for events of various sizes up to and over 1000 guests. 

Guests can view the items in the auction by scrolling through the 'LOTS' page and clicking on a lot to view the full description, any reserve and the option to place a bid. 

Each guest must complete the registration process to enable them to bid. Once registered they can use any tablet in the room to do so. 

Prior to the event the guests names can be pre-loaded if provided in the correct csv format. Guests will need to click on their table number, then their name if pre-loaded (if not they enter their name at this point), telephone number, email address and create a 4 letter/digit password which they will then use to bid. If your guests do not want their name to appear on the leader board they can opt to bid anonymously. 

At the point of registration we have the option to activate Gift Aid declaration. All data is collected and passed on via the final reports. 

To bid your guests will need to click on the lot. At this point they will see how much they are required to bid (to reach reserve or outbid a previous bidder). They will then be able to enter the bid amount, enter their password and place their bid. 

Using the sealed bids option they will simply be told their bid has been accepted if it is at or above the reserve. Reserves are set to go up in increments depending on the value of the item. 

All leading bids will be displayed on the tablet as well as on the live scrolling leader board. When using sealed bids the number of bids will be displayed without showing the bid amounts. 

Live leader boards are updated instantly with 'NEW BIDS', the amount and bidders name. 

A countdown clock is displayed on the leader board and the tablets. This is normally set for the last 15 or 20 minutes to bring the auction to finale! 

When using competitive bidding the 'WINNERS' are displayed on the leader board and tablets on completion. When using sealed bids no winner's details are displayed. 

Guests will have the option to donate funds while the auction is active. They are given the option to enter their own amount or can be advised on what a certain amount can raise, i.e. 'Fifty pounds may pay for X' along with the option to pay that amount. 

Phone Bidding Option

Please see tab labelled 'Online Bidding' on our website for more information. 

Leader-board and Summary

Another key feature of the Silent Auction that Auction Lots can provide is the leader-board and summary options. During the auction, clients have the choice to display a leader-board that displays the current winning bidders on all of the items, allowing guests to keep up to date with the bidding as a whole or see the status on their own bids. Clients have a choice of layout for the leader-board, whether it be a carousel showing a single lot at a time or a rolling multiple lot list, it is a great way to keep guests engrossed in the Silent Auction! The countdown can also be displayed on the leader-board screen when nearing the end of the Silent Auction.

Also, another choice of display during the Silent Auction, could be our summary option. This page shows the fundraising summaries at that point in the event, for example the number of bids, pledges, amounts raised from bidding/pledges and the total raised. This carousel of information displayed on the screens is a great way to urge guests to keep bidding and add to the success of the auction, allowing more funds to be raised. 

The leader-board and summary page can both be used during a single auction. 

Payment Collection

Whether using tablet or phone bidding, winning bidders are emailed and notified by text listing what they have won with added information on vouchers or collection and a link to pay securely via Stripe. Payment can be taken by most credit or debit cards as well as Apple or Google Pay. 

At this point we can offer the winner an opportunity to choose collection or delivery and set delivery cost if applicable.

Of course not all guests will immediately pay via these notifications so we also have the ability to collect payments through a URL. This allows us to collect payments via touchscreen tablets by our staff or nominated event staff. 

Each member of staff can view a list of all of the outstanding payments and have the ability to take the customers payment. Once taken, the list is refreshed and that person is removed from the list. 

This quick and easy process helps to speed up the essential payment collection process!  


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