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Auction Lots have the facilities to provide 2 different bidding options for events, one of which can also be used to create an online auction. Our auction site offers online options for stand-alone or event auctions. is designed for guests to bid via smartphone. Either a direct link to the site or QR codes (depending on the type of auction) are provided to guests for easy access to the auction. This is a great option to use in tandem with event bidding as long as the venue has a good wifi network or your guests have a 4g signal. 

Using guests will receive notifications via text and email when bidding or being outbid and again the same option to pay via Stripe on completion and the ability to collect payments via URL. To read more about payment collection options please visit our Silent Auction Technology area on our website. We can also provide the same options for Gift Aid declaration on registration. can be used as an online auction leading up to an event. If is used at the event then the auction will just continue until the end of the evening and the feature of a constantly updating leader board can be used to keep bidders on their toes and up to date with their bids! If you choose to use in tandem with an in person event, we believe that auction brochures placed on the table are incredibly beneficial. As well as a list of all of the auction lots and reserves we add bidding instructions (including the QR code for phone bidding) making the whole process much easier for guests. This allows guests to run through all of the options in the auction and decide whether they want to bid on an item before picking up a tablet or connecting their phone. This works especially well with the phone bidding ( option. These brochures are also free of charge when Auction Lots provide the auction items.

This platform can also be offered as an option for clients to run their own auction with access to their own admin page to keep up to date with the auction. Using this option, guests normally use their smartphones. The choice of technical back-up varies depending on the option you choose. 


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