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Event Fundraising

Our speciality is silent auctions. Auction Lots have provided this service since 2007, working with many charities and organisations UK wide.

We’ll deliver the items to the venue, create a great display, collect the payments, issue receipts and, if necessary, arrange delivery to the successful bidder’s address on framed items. Our reporting system offers transparency and in most cases it’s totally risk free.

Because we agree the cost of the lots at outset, you know exactly how much of the bid price will go to your cause. We make no charge for unsold lots, so you can’t lose. We’ll even discuss adding items which you already have. Let us take away the added stress of running the auction to allow you to concentrate on your event. Please talk to us, there’s no obligation to use our service.

If you prefer to run the auction yourself or you need just a few items for a golf day then we can supply experiences and memorabilia of your choice on a sale or return basis – no risk again.

When providing our silent auction service we have the option to use both competitive bidding, sealed bidding or even a combination of the two .The competitive bidding option allows guests to initially place a bid at the reserve or above, followed by the option to outbid the current leader!

Guests can keep up to date with the auction via constant live updates on the tablets, phone or leader board with pop-ups showing new bids or donations. 

The sealed bids option allows bidders to place a sealed bid at or above the reserve. Guests are notified that their bid has been accepted then the decision on which bids become the winning bids is decided on completion by us or you the client. This also allows us to accept multiple bids.  

We have the capability to use both options in one auction by setting your preferred option on a lot basis. You can have several lots set to take competitive bids and some (if you want to take multiple bids) set to take sealed bids!

Finally, our reports give clients instant results along with details on winning and unsuccessful bids, donations, guests Gift Aid declarations and whether they wish to receive further information!

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