Tablet Interactive Bidding System

Auction Lots have developed an interactive bidding system based on our previous ten years of experience in the fundraising and event industry. All equipment is owned by us and staffed by a direct member of Auction Lots ensuring we can offer you the best price and value for money on the market.

Our system will enable your guests to take the auction directly into their own hands. They can do this via our 10″ touch screen tablets which, via our smooth app, allows them to bid using wireless technology. We set up our own network which means you do not rely on the venue for guaranteed connection giving you additional peace of mind.

Tablet 1

Images of items are visible along with full descriptions. A pre-event registration system is available to make things quicker and easier for your guests – imperative when they’re keen to start bidding. Names and table numbers can be imported prior to the event.

Tablet 2

The auction items are shown, slowly scrolling on a screen placed conveniently for bidders to view or on multiple screens and projectors around the room. This enables guests to clearly and easily see what the auction items are and what the current bid is, in addition to the tablets on the tables.

The system also has a pledge facility to allow guests to pledge funds rather than bid for an item.

Tablet 3

Once bids are submitted all screens and devices are instantly updated showing ‘New Bid!’ along with a change of colour so that other guests know that the bid has changed and what the new highest bid is.

As the evening goes on, guests continue to bid until the auction closes. A countdown on the screen shows how long is left. If required a running total can be displayed too.

Tablet 4

At the end of the event

Once the auction has finished, a detailed report of the winning bids and bid history is printed off and given to the host so that money can be collected. Alternatively the collections can be made by Auction lots staff using our hand held card units. A 2% admin charge is made on all payments taken by Auction Lots

After the event

Auction Lots are able to chase and collect outstanding payment, when needed. If we have taken payments, auction lots guarantee to forward the cleared funds within fourteen days of the event.

Each event will be attended by at least one technician included in the price to set up, monitor, run the auction and be on hand to answer any questions and print reports.

Our friendly, helpful and professional hostesses are all experienced with the system. They will not only help guests during the bidding process and take payments, etc. but help with anything on the evening such as meet & great, raffle and main auction. They are available to work as part of your team for the duration of the event.

Auction lists in the form of a printed pamphlet/brochure are usually also provided as picking one of these up to see what’s on offer is still a great way to view the lots.


This facility is normally provided free of charge when Auction Lots supply the auction items.

Please contact us for a quote if this system is all you require because you have your own items.

If you wish to use some of your own items and would like Auction Lots to compliment those by adding items then we are prepared to look at a reduced rate.

To request a no obligation meeting please call 01908 649777 or email or you the Contact page to get in touch.

    This video illustrates how to use the tablet bidding technology that Auction Lots provide.

    To view in full screen, please press the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen once you have pressed Play.


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